Chicago: Social Media Influencer Marketing Bootcamp

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Get ready for an incredible social media how to workshop with BIgg Vic himself. Get event tickets here:

If you have a business, or even a business idea and you haven't been able to quite figure out, how in the heck do I get "the right" people to see my business, product or service.  Well here is your opportunity to learn one on one with someone who is currently utilizing all three social media giants to build his businesses. I want to challenge you to finally release your brakes and get the knowledge you need to build your brand. 

Hello friends! Bigg Vic here and for the first time September 23, 2018 in the Chicago area I will be bringing my Social Media Influencer Marketing Bootcamp. I've been able to successfully build 3 businesses utilizing the giants of social media.  FacebookInstagram, and Youtube to make money while I sleep. I want to pulll back the curtains and show you step by step what I'm doing and how you can use these techniques for your own business. 

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Heres what you will learn:

  • How to create an esthetically pleasing Instagram profile and build the right following
  • How to zero in on exactly the audience you want to see your business, brand, service or product
  • Learn the right way to set up and create a winning facebook marketing campaign
  • How to set up and create a Youtube channel
  • How to monetize a small following once you have your Youtube channel set up
  • What kinds of videos make for great content on Youtube 
  • How to get sponsorships and people to pay you for mentioning there products or services
  • Find out how to get your competitors clients eyeballs on your brand  
  • How to go from zero followers on Instagram to a few thousand in less than 90 days
  • The secret tools I use to grow my Instagram profiles like gangbusters with the right audience .. and more
  • Why you're losing money if you are not building social media profiles for your brand
  • How to get your business on the first page of google without paying for adds ($5000 value)

My friends, this event is limited to only the first 50 people so Do Not procrastinate. Invite a business colleague and come learn, apply the information so that you can earn! This will be by far your best investment to help catapult your business into the new year with a bang!