What Does Success Mean To You?


Success can mean so many different things for so many people. What I consider success and what you consider to be the definition of success may differ. Achieving a goal can be considered success for some. Being loaded with money may be what you consider success. Being able to reach back and help others achieve greatness may be ones definition of success. Who's definition of success are you living by? I've helped so many people learn on so many different levels and not ask for anything in return. Would you consider that to be a success in your book? 

If you are doing better this year than you were doing last year then I would consider you a success. Progressing forward and growing in all areas of your life means the seed of success has been planted and growing. You can't let the television continue to shape and define what success is supposed to look like. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having and wanting nice things. But things do not make one successful. Think about this for a second, you could have great credit and get all of the nice things your heart desires, does that mean your a success or does that mean you're now in debt? :-) 

When I was much younger I really thought success meant having the nice cars, the big house, and plenty of money in the bank. That's coming from someone who was consumed with sitting in front of the television as a young kid living in the hood and watching music videos all day lol. I'm so thankful that I grew up in my thinking!!! Success can mean so many different things and come in so many different forms. With all of the things I have achieved in my life from where I once was to where I am today, I would consider myself a success. Are you? What does success mean to you? Feel free to comment like and share this.