What Is Your Reason Why?

What is your reason why? In life if your reason why is big enough the how will usually take care of itself. I didn't always have the resources I now have at one point in my life. But the hunger deep down inside of me always saw what the end result could possibly look like. I've held that picture for years in the forefront of my mind until one day some of those thoughts slowly began to manifest themselves. I can remember writing down what I wanted my ideal day to consist of in my journal almost 11 years ago. I sat and visualized everything exactly how I wanted it to be, from sun up to sun down. It kind of freaked me out slightly because most of those same thoughts I wrote on that paper had actually taken form in my life and I hadn't realized it until I re-read my journal. My eyes swelled up with water because I forgot that I mentioned I wanted to be overlooking the city from my balcony in my 2 story home. And it's exactly what I was able to do!! I encourage you to write down those dreams in every location you can, write down your ideal day and watch what begins to happen in your life. I DARE YOU!!! :-)