It's Your Vision Not Theirs

I can remember when I went to look at my 400 sq. ft. studio location for my photography and videography work. The rental agent and myself were looking at different offices for me to lease. He asked what type of business did I plan on opening so I told him it would be my studio location for photography and videography. He said "oh ok cool", so we took care of all the paperwork and the next couple of days I was in my soon to be studio. I immediately created my to do list of things I needed such as the paint color, blinds for my windows, drapes, an ottoman, clothes rack, and a few more what nots I would need.

After a few days I'm pretty much ready to open up for business. The paint has dried nicely with exactly the perfect color I needed for my walls. I went out took a few photos I had shot previously and hang them on the walls. Just so happen as I was pulling into the studio that day my rental agent was their showing another office, he said let me check out the studio. I opened up the door and he was pretty much blown away with what I had did with the office. He slowly told me "wow man I have to be honest with you I could not see this office being a studio, this is really nice."

So the moral of this story is it wasn't his vision so he wasn't suppose to see what I saw in my mind. It's almost impossible for other people to see what you see. It's your vision not theirs. So don't get frustrated when other people you mention your dreams and goals to don't quite give you the feedback or responses that your looking for. For years Iv'e always created something out of nothing. If you believe in anything strongly enough you will find a way to make it happen. Just remember at the end of the day it's your vision not theirs.